security consultant #8 best job in america

Usually when I read lists of the “best jobs” or “most rewarding jobs” I tend to look for engineer or general IT jobs. For the first time, I actually see a list over on CNN include Computer/Network Security Consultant as the #8 best job in America. I think this is saying something in terms of compliance and security awareness!

I don’t fully agree with the CNN statement that, “If a system is infiltrated by a virus or hacker, it could mean lights out for the security consultant’s career.” I think it’s correct that it could mean you probably will be looking for a new job. But I don’t think it’s entirely accurate that, “This is a job you can’t afford to ever fail in” [says an interviewee for the story]. Our best teacher is failure and failure is inherent in security. “Failure” as defined when a hacker gets in is not the end of the line. The rest depends on detection, response, mitigation, improvement, and honesty. But I do understand business tends to be all or nothing, especially as you get into the public orgs.

On the flip side, I love the first mention under pre-reqs: major geekdom. I fully agree with that. What sets good CISSPs apart from horrible CISSPs? In a nutshell, the geekdom more often than not, and all the other little things that tend to come with most geek/hacker mindsets.