hope no one is surprised anymore by endpoint attacks

As if we didn’t already have a huge war going on over the endpoint, a researcher piles onto voice encryption by tackling pre-encryption recording on the endpoint device itself. This sort of is a, “duh,” in my book, as the next step would be to just record the signal as it comes in off the mic (or USB), continuing on to the extreme of listening in proximity to the speaker when they’re doing business at Starbucks.

This did make me wonder whether there are laws around commercial digital voice communication software and equipment that they *must* allow the ability for a government to tap and surveil. And if so… Basically speaking, so many people feel they have this veil of security on when they use something like Skype…and I can pretty much guarantee that if its use is “ok” in China, it has backdoors or methods of eavesdropping. Hell, even companies like Google and others make money off what you do and say and search and send and browse and go…don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind that Google will want to record everything you say, transcribe it automatically, and index it for ad use!

Hrm, I woke up on the paranoid side of bed…that or a Garbage song was playing on the radio when I woke up! (“I Think I’m Paranoid…”)