a security serenity prayer from delchi

A week ago I posted about how if security wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. This is quickly becoming my mind’s theme for this spring.

I’d take this a step further as well: If there was some silver bullet, ultimate truth, or Answer for security, we’d have found it already and when we heard it our brains would crack and we’d drop to our knees in all-praising wonder at The Answer.

Alas, there is no Answer.

That’s not to say all discussion is pointless; quite the opposite. We certainly need discussion, but we also should realize that like a function in calculus, we can only approach and draw near to real Answers, not realize them entirely.

It helps to also see a quote from A. P. Delchi posted by Chris Nickerson (which I can’t believe I didn’t re-post on here already!):


grant me the serenity to accept people that will not secure their networks, the courage to face them when they blame me for their problems, and the wisdom go out drinkin’ afterwards!”

There is no answer, but we should still work torwards it as much as we can, but not so much that we can’t step back, respectfully clap each other on the back and have a drink.

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