adding some new links to follow

One thing I don’t do enough is make a mention when I add new (or missed!) sits and blogs to my link menu on the right. Certainly, not even *I* keep up with what is over there, let alone anyone else, despite it being a great place to spend a Saturday morning filling up your own RSS feeds with my links.

So here are a few new additions to my links and feed reader: (not to be confused with

What are my requirements? Well, for my own personal feeds list, the blog has to add something to me or my knowledge. Honestly, I’m horrible with my feeds right now as I have 1000s of items unread (a few high-traffic feeds boost that up, btw, like the once-amusing “my life is average” feed), so adding more has become a small question-raising thing these days. Kinda like buying a new book. Will I really read it? Will it be worth reading? Will it then be worth keeping around after I have finished? (sectioning off one’s time is one of the two big components to what I call actually growing up!)

For links on the left side, I tend to add anything that pertains to info security, including personal blogs of people who are in security but don’t always talk security. I don’t remove much unless it may be a blog that hasn’t been updated for 5 years or a site that is simply dead and gone. Other, lower links are things I find interesting or may find interesting to reference in the future.

I also don’t make a huge list of all the actual “news” sites out there. I try to get the important ones and the basic ones that end up giving me all the news I really need. Adding tons more just ends up with lots of sites all saying and linking to the same things.