offtopic – starcraft 2 on brutal

I just recently beat out the Brutal difficulty level in Starcraft II, so thought I’d just share some tips on the levels I found to be hardest. For better tips, just look up the levels in YouTube for examples of good play. For any player, I’d suggest doing the Normal campaign first, then Hard, then Brutal once you know what you’re doing. If you want multiplayer strategies, I’d highly suggest following Force’s Starcraft 2 Strategy YouTube channel. Have fun!

Outbreak – I found this to be surprisingly difficult. On Brutal, I made 3 bunkers at each entrance, manned mostly with marines and marauders. I didn’t do much with hellions. It helps to focus fire aberrations and the shooting infected. I didn’t bother with the expansion and it helps to wipe out one whole section (I did top) to basically relieve that entrance defense. Return to base with at least 30 seconds of daytime left.

Welcome to the Jungle – The mission wants you to use Goliaths, but they’re just too weak. I had problems early on here, even in Hard! But this mission is actually very easy if you just build up a Marine-Marauder-Medic ball (about 4 marines to 1 medic to 1 marauder) with upgrades and just hop from protoss force to protoss force. Rather than mine any gas yourself, just wipe the protoss off the map and you’re free to do whatever. (There’s even a feat of strength achievement for that.)

The Great Train Robbery – The key here is to build a second Factory and simply pump out Razorbacks along with some marine-medic support. Roam around and kill bunkers when they start getting placed. This is easy once your know what to expect.

In Utter Darkness – A fun mission, but my least favorite to complete and one of the 3 hardest ones. Open with 10 more probes rallied to your minerals, a dark shrine, 2x gateways, and a starport. Then wall off the top entrance with another gateway, and plug the holes with zealots on Hold. From there, start producing (preferably with warp gates) Dark Templar, while using your force and the DTs to beat back the first 3 waves (done right, you won’t lose anything but a phoenix or two). From there, you should have enough time to make enough DTs to do a Hold wall on each entrance. If you get to that point, the rest is easy. Switch to building Void Rays, and use your voids/phoenix to focus fire any Overseers (detectors); basically poke at any approaching waves, kill any detectors, then get out before they reveal and kill your DTs. Pepper your base with cannons using all extra minerals, get air upgrades, and when you can, transition into building carriers. At about 1500-1800 kills you’ll likely need to fall back to the high ground, and the kills will start to rack up quickly. Don’t make a single other ground unit besides DTs enough to make full walls. After the first 3-4 waves, whatever ground forces you have are inconsequential anyway as long as your DT walls hold.

Supernova – One of the 3 hardest Brutal missions. I cheesed this one, though I didn’t want to. I got my CC into the far right-middle of the map along with some repairing SCVs and about 12 Banshees. I then waited until the last few moments to slide up and destroy the artifact. I really always had trouble with these missions with soft or hard timers on brutal. I’ve heard doing this mission when you have Thors makes for an easy win.

Engine of Destruction – One of the 3 hardest Brutal missions.This mission is a breeze if you have Banshees and Vikings unlocked (I didn’t so I had to actually start over; Wraiths are too weak). Build a bunker and siege tank (in siege mode) as your defense in the north. Build a second starport and start pumping out Banshees and later Vikings. Use the initial Wraiths to soften the first 3 bases. Kill Medivacs, Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers, the lone Raven in base 2, and if time permits, Bunkers and Razorbacks. Rally your Banshees north of your bunker as none of the attacks feature anti-air units. If you get past the third base, the rest is downhill from there; just keep making air units. I’d suggest squeezing in an Armory and air upgrades as well, and maybe take over the geysers left behind in the second base. A few Science Vessels are nice, and keep SCVs near the Odin to repair him if he gets into trouble (beware, in Brutal the AI will target repairing units!). Later you’ll be attacked from the south after base 4, but either ignore it or mop up with your air. For my winning playthru, on base 5 the Odin actually got down to 24 hp. Close call!

Maw of the Void – This took me several tries, but my key was to get an Armory early and start warming up air upgrades. Later on the Protoss will be 3/3 and your battlecruisers need to match that. Use the DTs you free to soften the bases up and for sure to take out the last northern and southern generators using some kamikaze-like runs; done right you’ll have just enough alive to get both down. If the mothership vortexes half your fleet, send the rest in and wait it out. You shouldn’t lose a single BC, until the last pushes, with proper repairing and a few support Science Vessels. When not attacking, put them in the middle of the map to cut off any protoss transports or attack waves. Same with DTs (but watch out for attacks with Observers). Be sure not to go too slowly; the protoss can win this through attrition as there just aren’t all that many resources when you have a BC fleet.

All In – I pulled back my defense and built 3 bunkers on each approach. While garrisoning them up, build all Siege Tanks and Banshees. The tanks are for defense on both sides and along the artifact cliff base (just keep building until you have a screen-full! The Banshees are to be sent out en force to kill Nydus Worms while cloaked and add firepower against Kerrigan. I helped my base defense with a line of southeast turrets as well, for the Overlord swarm. To save the artifact later on, build a bunker near it, put some marines in it, and then cover the rest of the artifact plateau with Perdition Turrets.

A Sinister Turn – Get the Robo bay early with a pylon as far back as you can get it. As long as you don’t draw attention to it, it won’t get attacked. Just build Immortals with a few Zealots and Stalkers and you’ll find this easy. Immortals pwn Maar and anything else here. Stalkers start with Blink, so it really helps to Blink them away from Maar after absorbing a few hits. Micro-management of forces really helps on this map.

The Dig – There are three keys here. First, get a defense up early because the first few waves can wipe you out. Even bounce your ground force back and forth until you have enough units. Second, rather than bother with the expansion to the south and moving your bunkers north of it, just bunker the ramp to your base. If you need it later, you can salvage the bunkers. Third, make constant use of the drill to take out Colossus (they give sight to high ground which is killer), High Templar (Psionic Storm destroys tank clusters), Immortals, Archons, and Void Rays when they show up. Queue up multiple targets with the drill to give you more time to develop the rest of our economy and defense. Favor marines and place a few extra turrets for the air waves.

Really, for every other mission, the typical MMM-ball works wonders.