five daily whip lashings yield 12% performance gain

Another mini-rant. I saw this today in an email:

…recent research on text-based tasks such as software development have shown that time improvements of up to 15% can be achieved with a widescreen monitor.

I’m glad that wasn’t about me! Really, reading something like that from a manager would make me feel like a rat in a cage or a sweatshop, milking as much productivity out of me as possible like some automaton. What if I didn’t make a 15% time improvement? Am I fucked?

It really should be something like, “Hey, Bob, what sort of configuration can we get you that will help you be happiest in your job with us?” Or if you can’t be personal, at least figure out a consensus with the team, not based around metrics, but around happiness.

Fine, times are tight in some places and metrics help justify budget expenses. But at least don’t let such statements go downward…