keeping it real with what really matters

We often get our panties into bunches about security issues and cyberstupidity, but Mike Murray has a career advice post that needs repeating (and I’m going to steal his punchline).

Here’s my advice: do one thing today that makes you healthier. It might be just stepping away from the desk for a while and taking a few deep breaths to relax. Maybe it’s a salad instead of the Double Whopper with Cheese. Maybe it’s taking a walk at lunch. Do something.

The older you get, the more this finally hits home not just from lessons you learn on your own but lessons you learn from others people’s mistakes and tragedies. Take care of your health, both mental and physical. Get checked out regularly, take preventive measures before things get out of control, investigate and possibly seek expert assistance when things feel off. Don’t put off to tomorrow something you can go today for your betterment. And enjoy yourself when you can. (As too many things are wont to do appear when you’re a security geek, this advice is eerily similar to advice for a good security program.)

I’m posting this because I need this advice as much as anyone else.