security theater gone wrong

I was posting a comment elsewhere when I worked myself up to this line:

It’s interesting that the TSA once had this image of security theater, i.e. the show of security just to make people feel better. But what happens when people aren’t feeling better?
[Right now, the TSA is sabotaging even their theater of security.]

I’m still of the opinion that all this ridiculousness comes from our American culture of lawsuits and general “blame someone”/entitlement/self-centered-me-me-me attitude. The TSA, in my guess, is going overboard to cover their own ass, because all it will take is one person to get through and blow up a plane and then everyone will want to sue. They’re just trying to prevent everything, and that’s just not going to happen.

I’ll stop now. 🙂 I’m cynical enough as it is, that I don’t need to work myself into more of a lather!