german hackers target celebrities

German hackers gain access to celeb computers [namedrop Lady Gaga for more attention]. I know it is fairly common to have a Twitter of Facebook account hijacked, but I’m always surprised we don’t hear about more celebrity accounts being hacked. Then again, just because we don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening on a regular basis.

What’s really fun is how Twitter/Facebook expose the interaction between celebrities. You want to target a high-profile celeb? Maybe start by examining all those people whom they follow on Twitter and find the normal joes they trust/listen to. (I can’t be the only one who sometimes wonders who that 1,000,000-follower celeb has on their tiny 75 followed people list.) And so on. You can really spread some damage once you get into a few systems and start preying on the cyber-social aspects.

I once had a dream (as in, a daydream, not a life ambition) about being a security/computer expert for celebrities. I mean, they’re just the same as any old joe (or any old C-level) and have the same issues and lack of knowledge as anyone else. Plus extra money to throw out for dedicated service. I imagine that market would be lucrative with some word-of-mouth.

Though I guess PR agencies and agents would rather cover those zones. Who knows.

Article via infosecnews mailing list.