boa reacts to possible leak threats

Funny how the tangible threat of action/leaks “possibly” against Bank of America has caused them to spring into action. Hopefully BoA is only ramping up internal investigating and not actually doing operations differently, otherwise that would beg the question, “Why weren’t you already doing x____?”

It’s also funny how much power Wikileaks has right now. Even simple short-term bluffing (if it only amounts to that) causes more security enhancing work to be done than so many security professionals can dream to get accomplished over years of internal risk evaluations that dance around full-on FUD alarms (execs and sec pros have different tolerances to where that FUD line lies…).

I really didn’t care much for Wikileaks vs governments, and somewhat wondered if it would stop there. Indeed, it looks like this may spill into large corporation realms, which interests me much more. This is a give-and-take topic all itself, and I’m resisting urges to opine about it further…

What if Wikileaks dropped hints it may be dropping data on your company soon? What are the chances of such data leaking?

What if someone you partner with is the next Honda/Silverpop and you suffer a breach because they suffered a breach?