jim klein on innovation

In my last post I linked to a Nook Color-rooting article on an education site. Intrigued by this (sit back a moment and think how exciting tablets are for educators!), I checked out the author’s blog and found this awesome post about innovation. He made several points:

1. Innovators put little stock in criticism from the mainstream (example: iPod)
2. Innovators see opportunities in both the “old” and the “new” (example: Web 2.0 + Javascript)
3. Innovators embrace resource constraints (example: WWII German jet-turbine engines)
4. Innovators jump curves (example: ice farmers vs ice factories vs refridgerators)
5. Innovators don’t pretend to know the outcome (example: Friendster vs users)
6. Innovators aren’t afraid of failure, and are quick to let go (quote: Walt Disney)