the social networking hamster wheel

Google+ came around and I was interested in trying it out. Then Google+ adopted a real name only stance, and I specifically passed on using it. Now Google+ has reneged on their policy, but the time has passed where I even care.

The one exception would be infosec-related groups that may pull me in, like this book club idea. Sounds intriguing!

The book club will certainly work Twitter into the mix as well, but it does bring up the exhaustion one can feel with today’s splintered social landscape. Should I adopt Google+ to chase one or two groups (or groups of people)? Should I chase into LinkedIn, Facebook? Should I chase into each new splinter social media platform? I can’t possibly do that and feel satisfied in my life, ya know? It’s like never enjoying the car you have because you need to keep getting a new one; which ultimately is a hamster wheel race you’ll never win.

Granted, staying in one or two established social platforms isn’t the best either. It is inevitable that someday something newer and cooler will come along, just like Facebook to Friendster or Myspace. And languishing on an old system is much like playing Quake 1 for 20 years and clinging to the past.

I dunno. Anyway, an infosec-related book club on Google+? Definitely a good enough reason put a foot into the service.