hyperbole to make a point

I appear to have found my snarky drawers tonight! What do these statements have in common?

“I didn’t want that last chocolate anyway.”

“I meant to do that.”

“I’m happy with second place.”

“Security shouldn’t inhibit everyday ops.”

Ok, I’m using hyperbole to make a point, but a point nonetheless. It is up to business to decide what risk they would like to take, but us security professionals should always strive for, be ready for, and work towards as much security as we can achieve, rather than make silly mantras so we can feel better when we don’t get our way. Ok, so maybe it’s not about getting our way, but it is a strange copout that can be used whether you win 99 security battles and concede one that impedes business too much, or you lose all 100 and use that statement as your excuse.