my bigger concerns when I hear a company has been hacked

A British student has been jailed for hacking Facebook:

Scotland Yard said in a statement that the breach had occurred “over a short period of time” in April of last year. The court was told that Mangham had obtained the information after hacking into the account of a Facebook employee while the staff member was on vacation…

“This was not just a bit of harmless experimentation,” [Judge] McCreath told Mangham. “You accessed the very heart of the system of an international business of massive size, so this was not just fiddling about in the business records of some tiny business of no great importance.”

And what exactly happens to a large, tech-friendly corporation that allowed a single hacker to access the “very heart of the system” in what sounds like a live-or-die breach to that company? Internal reviews, probably an employee with a slapped wrist (perhaps), and nothing else that I can tell. Well…at least they found the attack (presumably).