slightly challenging my distant view of rsa

RSA has never really been on even my long list of cons to attend. Too corporate; too marketing; not deep enough; too superficial; too many analysts… But Securosis has a post with advice on RSA, and I am glad for the honesty (e.g. avoid the parties, hallway track: they’re not the same beast as geekier cons) and detail. The post even mentions that there are plenty of geek things to do, such as engineers to talk to and product demos and such, which is a great point, and one that may make a trip to the RSA conference worthwhile. Someday. It’s still not in my plans!

They also have a post up with some eats recommends, which I know I always personally appreciate when I can quickly get a thumbs up or thumbs down quickly. It sucks to experience that craptastic fake chinese place first hand. (I need to be careful with my wording, lest I start making it sound as if “liking” something on a “social network” is a good thing that I should be participating in all the time. I love me first-hand opinions, but the author and content and context [e.g. poor Amazon reviews because shipping sucked] still need to be considered as opposed to a raw score…)