mubix reveals secrets on beating the red team

Mubix has posted up a great set of slides on how to win the CCDC, from the perspective of a red teamer. All of it makes sense, and it’s great to get it down in a nice, concise preso, especially tips on team composition and duties. From a non-competition side, this makes a great exercise in quick response or a security strategy-on-steroids for someone heading into a new org or responds to attacks-in-progress.

As usual, a few items to highlight:

1. You’re not important enough to drop an 0-day on. Most likely your company isn’t either, but at least at a competition like this, there’s no upside to revealing otherwise unknown exploits. Sure, red teamers are going to be ninjas in some tools and definitely have some of their own scripts and pre-packaged payloads, backdoors, and obfuscation tools, but none of that is so super secret that you don’t have a chance to anticipate or prepare for it. As Mubix says later on, know the red team tools.

2. Monitor firewall outbound connections. It’s one (wasteful) thing to look at the noise being bounced off the outside interface on your firewalls, but seeing bad things outbound is a huge giveaway. You’re not doing detection if you’re not somehow monitoring outbound (allows and denies).

3. You still gotta know your own tools and systems. As Mubix repeatedly mentions, you need to know your baselines on the systems (normal operational users, processes, files) and be familiar with the systems and how to work quickly on them, configure them, troubleshoot, interpret the logs, and automate little pieces here and there with your own scripting skills.