facebook privacy issues still only slowly being realized

Via Emergent Chaos, I got linked over to a nice article on Consumer Reports about FaceBook privacy. Now, being a CR subscriber, I tend to really skip their tech/security/privacy articles because, well, their treatment always makes me nervous or leaves me with more questions than answers (similar to skipping their reviews on laptops/computers, because I build and evaluate my own based on criteria far higher than their focus). But this article about Facebook actually *taught* me a few things that I probably could suspect, but never actually fully appreciated:

Facebook collects more data than you may imagine. For example, did you know that Facebook gets a report every time you visit a site with a Facebook “Like” button, even if you never click the button, are not a Facebook user, or are not logged in?

And I like this quote from Zuckerberg, which sort of illustrates that we’re often not talking about the same things when we talk about privacy:

…a blog posted last year by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who wrote, “We do privacy access checks literally tens of billions of times each day to ensure we’re enforcing that only the people you want see your content.”

That’s great to hear about users accessing other users information, but what about the data you use for your purposes and keep for however long?