the risks in such a connected world: naked pics

The Chief Monkey (honestly, I never know how to address him) has a great post up, How Your #Naked Pictures Ended Up on the Internet. The post illustrates a few key things.

1) Security question weaknesses.
2) You *are* sharing your information with others.
3) You *are not* just keeping files secret on only your phone.
4) You can’t trust other services/people, de facto. You have to put some thought into it.
5) What gets on the Internet and is tied to your name/identity, will haunt you.
6) Facebook is a great place to stalk people.
7) All of these weaknesses are borne out of making things easier for you, the user.
8) Staying safe and secure and yet still using all these technologies and services *requires* work.

As a warm-blooded guy who has internet access, I can attest to the uptick in porn sites featuring what are obviously pilfered personal pics from phones.

At some point, digital picture facial recognition is going to both help (to find out who people are to warn them) and explode (tie bad pics to your name forever) this problem.