been distracted lately

I thought I would get one last post on this site before 2013 rolled over, but much like most of 2013, I didn’t get anything out. There have been a few reasons for this, which I may as well throw out for posterity.

1- Not much new to say about security. Eventually, you do kinda get sick of the same old thing in security. Lots of people whine about this and say we’re not innovating or doing security in some new way that will win the War. I think that’s a lame way to look at it, and not correct at all. It’s not like security/insecurity evolves on its own; both are functions of technology in general, and follow along behind. And there’s no real win there; security will *always* be behind the curve. But still, it does get annoying when you have really nothing actually *new* to say.

2- Fucking Google killed Reader and fucking Twitter killed older API-using clients. My dearth of posts on this site corresponds to my lack of posts on Twitter. This is because, at nearly the same time, Google killed my preferred RSS feed reader of choice (and by preferred, I mean, preferred by a long shot) and Twitter shut off support for their older API, which killed my preferred Twitter client of choice, DestroyTwitter. I liked DestroyTwitter because it worked on both my Linux and Windows systems as a standalone client. I really have yet to *like* any others I’ve tried. I’ve sort of moved to Feedly for RSS feeds, but I just haven’t made it a normal part of my day/week like Google Reader was. I have yet to adopt a new Twitter client. Both of these make me feel very disconnected.

3. Been a busy year in general for me, both personal and work. Work has been busy with lots of changes and…challenges. On the personal front, I’ve just kept my interests elsewhere for the most part. The older you get the more you realize you only have so much time in a day. Tinkering with security-related stuff sort of took a backseat for the year after Twitter and Google cut me off. I’ve hung out in the main lobby, but have not delved deeper into back rooms.

No really huge, big, crazy reasons. Just sort of a break, which I do every now and then since I’ve had a blog of some sort since 2001 or so.