10 gadgets every hacker should have according to eset

I am usually snarky about lists, yet I can’t help but love this list from ESET’s WeLiveSecurity site, 10 gadgets every white hat hacker needs in their toolkit. I am actually woefully behind on this list, and need to fix that! Is there anything amiss with this list? Well, if I wanted to be picky, all of these tools are useful to the hacker with physical or wireless proximity access. Then again, we’re talking about physical gadgets, aren’t we? And it does underline an often missed part of corporate security: do physical walk-thrus to check for rogue hardware! This list is also a sort of training/shopping list for anyone wanting to do wireless or physical pen testing or defense.

Raspberry Pi 3
Wifi Pineapple
Alfa Network Board
Rubber Ducky
LAN Turtle
HackRF One
Ubertooth One
Proxmark3 Kit

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