central iowa security geeking out rundown

You’re moving to Iowa and you’re a security geek. Or you’re new to the profession and looking to get on with your career. Where do you go to hob-knob with your people? Here’s a quick 2017 rundown of what I know about the central Iowa/Des Moines security scene.

SecDSM – Probably the most informal of the groups here and stays vendor-neutral. Has a Slack that I’ve not visited. No registration, so just show up! Meetings are after working hours
ISSA – 4th monday of every month, meetings should usually be open to the public.
ISACA – third Tuesday of every month, meetings do often have a door fee attached, with discount for ISACA members.
Infragard – most meetings require pre-vetted membership, so inquire before attending. Background check is part of the vetting process.
ISEAGE Red Team events – get yourself on the mailing list for invites to be part of the red or blue (green?) teams for regular events every year hosted in Ames (usually) for high school and college level competitions.

BSidesIowa conference – April 22, 2017 (Saturday)
SecureIowa conference – October 3, 2017 (Tuesday)
DataConnectors – traveling tour of security presentations and marketers, which just visited Des Moines earlier this month.

And here are some local-ish businesses and friends that make for great places to check into for upcoming events beyond things listed up above. I know I particularly love seeing a major geeky movie at Flix Brewhouse for free with my friends and co-workers!
Cisco West Des Moines Office (I don’t actually know how to track this one. I usually hear this through the grapevines…) If you’re a purchaser of Cisco products, check with your local rep/seller to get on this mailing list!

What else is sort of nearby? Typically, events in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, Omaha (NE), and Kansas City (MO) are attendable if you don’t mind the various drive distances. Chicago (IL) and Minneapolis/St. Paul (MN) regions are also doable.

And, if nothing else, there are tons of places to hang out, have fun, or eat sushi (or anything else) and drink away some security frustrations with small groups and friends.

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