attempting to answer questions about getting into infosec

Every day, there are posts on infosec social media about getting into the field. And every day there are replies with a variety of answers. It’s a pretty hot topic, and has been for a long time, though probably fueled a little bit more than usual this year due to Mr. Robot and recent job reports about a void in infosec candidates. It’s probably also impacted by the feeling that, “I don’t know enough to be in security, these guys are pros!” and the subsequent perceived need to learn more.

I penned this yesterday to link to a blog post attempting to be a source to point such questions to, but scrapped it thinking it wasn’t useful enough. Today, I see the author has extended the list to be far more interesting and broad! And make no mistake; this is a hard question to answer, since every role is a little different and we all bring various bodies of knowledge and experience into the field from where we’ve tread previous; some new to linux, some new to windows, and so on.

Is the list perfect? Of course not, but it offers lots and lots of ideas for someone with questions about how to get a foot into the industry.

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