generation x or a millenial or a xennial?

I was born in 1977. This technically tends to make me part of Generation X, but I have never identified with that at all. I’ve identified more with Millenials, though I would have grown up, gone through highschool, and graduated college well before I had a cell phone of any type in hand. So, I found this article interesting, as I think it makes a good point about this little gap of time between Gen X and Millenials that I greatly identify with: There‚Äôs Now a Name for the Micro Generation Born Between 1977-1983. I really like the identifier of having an analog childhood and digital adulthood. Definitely agree with that, as I got my first computer around midway through high school (for writing papers, learning, but mostly I got into Doom), and while video games were a huge part of my childhood, I wouldn’t call that digital to any degree. It was probably not until around late high school that I started “getting online,” and then it was just myself and not part of a social thing with other kids I knew. I hadn’t heard this term before, and just needed to capture it down for future reference.

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