quickly loading empire stagers at sc0tfree

This blog post over at sc0tfree talks about real world attacks using a Rubber Ducky. The article focuses on quickly getting Empire loaded. These are pretty sweet, and I like the context offered at the start about what works and doesn’t and why he cares about speed of execution.

When looking for a project to do with a Rubber Ducky, this post is a go-to place. (Note the post also links over to Stagers 101 over at PowerShell Empire.)

I recently watched the National Geographic Breakthrough episode named Cyber Terror which included Jayson Street (and team) attempting to gain access to some banks overseas. I like the part where Jayson recognizes that his engagement is really just about getting access to the USB ports on a system and proving something bad could be done. He just needed something like a “Hello World” notepad to pop up, and record that as proof. He didn’t need a long stager or execution time or strange cmd windows opening to plant a backdoor. But the point is that he could have done that.

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