managing pseudonyms with compartmenalization

Found around Twitter this weekend, I read a blog post by CryptoCypher titled Managing Pseudonyms with Compartmentalization: Identity Management of Personas. It’s been a while since I’ve read an article like this. I’ve talked about being anonymous online many years ago, but rarely have followed through with any sort of rigid process (obviously). Still, it’s a good thing to look into, especially if you have some reason to stay mostly anonymous or just compartmentalize your digital life a bit more.

It’s still hard to be anonymous and hidden online. Even career criminals have problems, as any expose by Brian Krebs will illustrate with gleeful prose. But it’s still a skill that is useful to most anyone, and a little more particularly useful to pen testers. Even if it’s something as benign as an online presence for some company or domain or fake person that is used in phishing or social engineering or red team campaigns.

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