small list of online paid and some free security training coursewares

Around Q4 2016, I started shopping around for access to some technical learning/courseware sites. The main impetus was to get my own personal learning back on a semi-regular track, and a side purpose of preparation for earning my OSCP. I’ve had these notes floating around in my “training ideas” notes for a while now, and I wanted to get them out, but not lose them. And hey, that’s why I have a blog!

Please note that theses are not all-inclusive and the prices may be off (some of them may be 2016 holiday pricing). I have seen some ITProTV courses, but what I went with for myself was PluralSight and LinuxAcademy access. The former I’ll likely keep active, but the latter will be something I probably drop off after 2017. I really like PluralSight’s offerings so far, and LinuxAcademy is going to nicely fulfill some desire to round out my Linux knowledge. Most everything else in the paid flavors I probably have not tried out enough to comment on them. The free stuff will probably stay in my training ideas/to-do lists in some form or other.

training/courseware sites (prices as of ~Q1 2017)
PENTESTERACADEMY—–$99 first month, $39 after 100 max video plays (can download them, though)
LYNDA COURSES -free 10 day trial, 19.99 or 29.99/mo, latter allows video download python – automate scans —free course, $19.99/mo for extras
securitytube-training —$39/mo
ITPRoTV —courses site, $57/mo
gogotraining —$37.50/mo
pluralsight —-$29/mo or $299/yr, free trial for 10 days —-$84/mo, 1 free week
packt —29.99/mo ebooks and videos
testout —$79/mo

linux primers: linuxacademy —videos, 7 days free, $29/mo, downloadable audio —exercises and videos, $19.99/mo
Safari Books Online monthly sub for access access
HackingDojo courses/lab $99/mo

some free courses or training to consume
metasploit unleashed free course
SecurityTube – Buffer Overflows, Assembly/Debugging —-free video site – advanced pen testing (and others) —-free
FSU Offensive Computer Security free course —free, youtube vids and slides
SSTEC Tutorials on YouTube (Kali Linux):
Bhargev Tandel Kali and other pen testing channel:
*** —-free, some video, many just slides
linux primers: —free, text tutorials
linux primers: —-blog style

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