five signs of leadership in management

I love me lists, but I usually don’t delve too far outside of technical articles when I post things on here. However, an article I saw on my LinkedIn feed caught my eye and read really nicely: How Can You Tell Someone Has True Leadership Skills? Look for These 5 Uncommon Signs. I think these five items are all key items for a good manager, at least for me. And I like that the article doesn’t devolve into over-tried things that don’t apply to everyone like, “Good leaders reward their employees with recognition or gifts.” I do also like the way several items can spark more thoughts on what’s written between the lines, specifically the items to practice transparency and create psychological safety. The latter is a very interesting way to word this. Normally, I think about innovation and the flexibility to learn, make small mistakes, and come out better for it. A poor culture will be intolerant to mistakes. I like the idea of labeling this as creating psychological safety, since really, that’s what it is, and that term can encompass other things than just quelling the risk and pain of failures and mistakes.

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