adding comments into wireshark and pcaps

Read a post today that blew my mind. SANS Diary made mention of adding comments into Wireshark pcaps! Holy crap that is awesome, not only to put comments into a pcap, but adding a new column into the display to show them all is an amazing way to notate a capture set.

The diary entry also talks about Moloch and CloudShark. Moloch is a tool to download/install and set up, which will take packet capture feeds and index, store/display them for easy referencing, and for adding extra comments (tags) through a web interface. This doesn’t replace an IDS, but will augment the ability to manage traffic displays and packet feeds. I can see using this to carve out and save normal traffic examples or malicious incident snippets or just as a budget-conscious way to start indexing traffic patterns.

CloudShark is a cloud or on-prem solution that will do much the same thing, only probably more polished.

The bottom line, though, is I had no idea comments could be added to pcaps in Wireshark! (Save format defaults over to pcap-ng as well, to save the extra data.)

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