warren buffet advice for people

Many, many idealistic years ago I used to collect books of neat things, sayings, zen koans, and various other things to find serenity in life. Always very helpful. I used to keep many of these as a rotating email signature back in the 90s, which I honestly rarely ever enabled on messages.

Also very helpful are good lists of advice from people older and wiser. And I wanted to keep this wonderful, achievable list from Warren Buffet and apply it to all people not just the young:

Advice for the all the young people:

  1. read and write more
  2. stay healthy and fit
  3. networking is about giving
  4. practice public speaking
  5. stay teachable
  6. find a mentor
  7. keep in touch with friends
  8. you are not your job
  9. know when to leave
  10. don’t spend what you don’t have

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