reviewing my learning goals from 2023

I didn’t do a bunch of flashy things in 2023 on a learning or training front. I think I did more in 2023 that set up my 2024 than I actually accomplished! But, I really like to do these year over year. Of my goals

  1. Renewed AWS Security Specialty – Renewed isn’t a great way to say it, really. I tested and passed the exam so that I could keep claiming this cert. This continues to still be one of the denser and harder tests I’ve taken in my professional career.
  2. Renewed SANS GWAPT – This one is a proper renewal that takes cold hard cash and some CPEs. In return, I get new Web App Pen Testing materials and the opportunity to keep saying I have it!
  3. Maintained top 3 in BlueTeamLabs – Mostly in maintenance mode on this site, and I do new challenges as they come out. Good practice for blue team skills!
  4. Huntress CTF – I may do a few CTFs in a year, but never over a whole month of time. The Huntress CTF took place over the month of October. My solo team finished 46/4210 teams and finished all 58 challenges. Pretty fun!
  5. HackTheBox – I got back into HTB for a brief spell, doing about 5 boxes including an Insane one dealing with Active Directory and Windows networks. I’ve since dropped back into the shadows here, but I know I’ll get back in again.
  6. Antisyphon On-Demand courses subscription – I’ve had this in the pocket for a while to get, and used some end-of-year budget to get this set up. This provides a year of access to all on-demand courses, which is pretty sick value. This was late in the year.
  7. HTB Academy subscription – Also spending some end-of-year budget to get access to this set of modules on HTB for a year.
  8. Defcon – I went to Defcon. I’ll hopefully go again.

That seems to be all I wrote down or wanted to mention! Did I miss a few things from my goals? Not really, but I did not spend as much time as I’d still like to with Kali Purple or the Splunk Attack Range. It probably helped that I didn’t post about my yearly plans until last June.

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