the wrong reasons to blog

Been looking for links to put on this site, links of active and useful sites that I can peruse and browse when I have the time; sites that will benefit me personally or professional in my chosen areas of interest.

However, it is far too often that I come across blog-like sites that have one post in the past 4 months, or a recent post about how the author has to suspend the site for this reason or that.

Now, I know people love to self-publish and feel important, but I think some people have latched onto this whole “blog” culture far too heavily and for the wrong reasons. I think people think they have some weird insights into life or an industry…insights that other people don’t have and thus want to read about from them.

Anyway, here’s an example post that I’m going to use to dissipate this diatribe before I get carried away:

I feel exactly like decafbad wondering why he would be recycling all the news the rest of the world is talking about. Well, at least he has 889 subscribers using Bloglines (and I guess a lot more in reality) as of today, which is much.. really much more than I have 🙂 This means there’s probably more than a thousand people who care about what he says. That could be some stimulant maybe? Well, as for me, I’m actually very surprised that you’re even reading this, as chances are very very little that you would. Anyways, the point of this post: there is just so much happening outside which I just want to know about. And then, having read all stuff, I’m just tired, having no idea what’s interesting anough to blog about. Is there really anything that you user want me to talk about. Then please please let me know, because me is out of ideas and on the brink of quitting

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I “blog” (God knows I hate that word and term and “culture…” I keep journals damnit!) for myself, and for myself alone. Some other people might read this (although I’m trying to keep it private), but really..this is for me. I have this site to compose my thoughts, continue writing to keep in practice, assimilate the many sites and bits of information that zing past my eyes and ears on any given day that I might find useful at some point in the future. I work in a field that encompasses such knowledge and bredth of technology that it is already overwhelming (and that’s not getting into how rapidly and fully it changes every day). Anything I can do to filter it for my own use will be something I will be grateful for in the future.

Hehe, this is why I “journal” and this is my manifesto.