blogs and wiki

Well, my main site is going to be updated in the coming months with a real blog. In recent updates here, I’ve noticed that a blog format, even as open as blosxom is, is just not the ideal format for me to use here. My updating style and the way I use this little site is much more akin to a wiki. In fact, it is a wiki, only not yet. So I think this can give me some experience (again) with installing a wiki and a blog. I’ve never fully put up a wiki myself, so this will be a good task to do.

Of course, I am not about to pay for something I could likely make on my own with enough time and energy. For blogs, Movable Type is now free for personal use again. My current site new is kept in MT, so I have no real reason to change. For the wiki front, nothing has a more rounded listing and look at CMS products as OpenSourceCMS. Wow!