pruning links

I am hoping that I finally am hitting critical mass with all my links at left. With some luck and free time, I can start pruning the list of all the useless links/blogs that don’t offer me much of anything, and instead focus on what I truly want to read. I’ve been getting behind on more than a few of these sites, and it doesn’t help that the web filter at work is more stringent than I am very comfortable with. Lame. Nonetheless, I need to start blocking off some time, maybe Sunday mornings at the bookstore or some other place I find that is conducive to reading sites, and make a habit of it.

Some ramblings for myself… Do I need 56 news sites and 234238 blog sites? Most likely not. I bet most anything of interest in the news will be covered in at least a couple of the blogs I visit. Do I need 9 antivirus sites? Actually, I do prefer a range of them. Whenever I do some research or incident response on a particular bit of malware, I prefer to look at reports from multiple sources to get the most information possible. You can’t have too much info when dealing with malware infections. Do I need all the podcast/vidcast sites? Nope. Despite my best intentions to watch and listen to them all, I just simply do not. I like visual stuff, but so far have yet to even begin to catch up on the audio-only stuff. I just have no habit for it, or automatic way to download them all and get them someplace for me to listen to. Perhaps when I get a car adapter for my ipod, I’ll develop this habit… Yeah, I definitely need all of this in wiki format. 🙂

And yup, now that my little veil has been lifted, or kimono shifted open a bit, I’ve seen some trackbacks from a few other sites that I visit from here, now. I guess I can’t complain, and don’t mind the company at all. 🙂 It certainly makes coding just a smidgeon easier, and visiting links as well, since it doesn’t take three clicks per, now. Simplify, simplify!