security podcasts

About 6 months ago I started delving into the world of podcasting and began to quickly try and figure out which computer security-related podcasts were worth the trouble to download and check out.
I never did find a groove with my checks and samples. I don’t have ipod-support in my car, and really don’t find myself just listening to them in the background while I do other things. If my car were more equipped, I may have checked into things more. I also didn’t have the habit of listening to them otherwise, or the time to download them and catch up or keep track of all of their release times. I don’t use iTunes for my own personal reasons (I would if I had a Mac), and none of the other downloaders were really all that excellent. Doppler was the best, but there was always that one odd podcast that Doppler couldn’t track and auto-download, which eroded the whole experience. As such, I just this weekend deleted all the old ones I had downloaded and have shelved the pursuit.
But now I see Chris Brunner did some of the hard work for me of culling out the less useful podcasts, and created a list of them on his own site. I need to update my own geek site links with a few of these new ones that I didn’t have, and check into trying to resurrect this habit pursuit. I’d love to keep up with security through this media as well as print news.