the questions we ask

A recent SANS Handler Diary entry reminded me the importance of keeping at hand a list of The Questions that we should ask as IT and security professionals. I need to keep updating this list, as they will all likely be questions I will want to keep at hand throughout my entire career.
– If hard drive X were to die right now, could you confidently rebuild it using backups or other documented knowledge? This applies to any system from the most critical server to the least important spare system to any employee workstations.
– If incident X were to happen right now, what is your response procedure? Apply this to the most benign alert up to a major hacking incident that is right now being executed, successfully. Would you have an available audit trail?
– How do you know your network or systems are secure?
– How do you know that there are no rogue wireless access points giving access to your network (or that your users might be hopping onto nearby)?
– Are network diagrams, documentations, and inventory up to date? Include process documentation.
– If one of your users (CFO to call center ops) is specifically targeted by a 0day emailed exploit, how will they react? Is user education appropriate and is IT held in enough regard to have incidents reported?
– If a complete network audit were to be done now, what might you be surprised to see still in service, accessible, or configured? Yes, even networks need flushed and cleaned out and retooled regularly.
I hope to add more.