linux as main box – part 6: oh to mount NTFS

I took the time needed to get Thunderbird all set up with my email on my Linux install. This was very easy since I use Thunderbird on Windows and was already quite familiar with the app. Good times!
I still need to get my hands on a legit or properly cracked (and still working) version of Windows XP Pro so that I can finish my VM install. I really want this so that I can run a few random little things that I need to run in Windows (like Ventrilo).
Next on my list is to iron out mounting my external hard drive with write access. The drive is saved in NTFS, a Windows standard. While there are tools and ways for Linux to write to NTFS properly, there is still (after numerous years) disclaimers saying that the whole drive may still get hosed up. So I need to dig out another drive and perform a full backup of this external drive. I need to do this anyway as it has been a while since I backed it up. Either way, this shouldn’t be a huge deal. Copy data over, install the NTFS tools on Ubuntu, mount the drive, test out write/delete/move functions. Done!
I also started playing with the new tools that Linux opens up to me. I installed kismet and played with it a bit, far deeper than I’ve ever played with it before on livecds like BackTrack. I even got to figure out how to edit shortcuts, the Gnome desktop layout, and application menus. More good times!