sysadmin jokes for your manager

Just a couple ideas for office pranks on the managers.
1) Order up some jars or vases (the more magical or Alladin-like the better, add in cork tops too!) and fill them with colored sand. Either solid colors or even do that cool layering for a more rainbow-like effect. Keep the jars of sand on your desk and label them: “Malware cleaning,” “speed booster,” “erorr fixing.” Then when your manager comes by asking about an error or problem on a server, wordlessly choose the appropriate jar of sand and disappear into the server room…
2) Get a bit of white sand or salt and make a line of it on a server room desk (I don’t recommend in your cube in case someone reports you!) like it is a line of cocaine. When the manager finds it or walks in while you’re slaving away on some important downtime, let your manager know that they’re driving you so hard you have to do cocaine just to keep things running.