weekend projects done

I didn’t get to play with SpamAssassin yet, but I did get a lot of other little things accomplished this weekend in regards to my site. I installed hMailServer and ClamWin so that I could move my mail server over to the new box. In fact, I went a step beyond my plans and am using OpenSSL and stunnel to allow SMTP and POP over SSL so that I can check things remote from a wireless hotspot. I also moved my Ventrilo server over and did some housekeeping on my websites; busywork that I’ve been putting off for many months but that only needed to be done once to be done for good.

With all of that aside, I’m looking forward to SpamAssassin sometime this week or next weekend, and to work on my wiki site as well.

Every time I work on my sites, I get that familiar bug to learn up a new web language and get really good at it. I love reading people like Jeremiah Grossman and RSnake, guys whose web skillz I really respect and appreciate. But I do know that takes significant dedication and time, and I know that I can’t specialize in everything right now. Maybe someday I’ll have an opportunity to go down that road, either for my job or in my free time once I get other things under my belt. Anyone can learn web coding, but to do it well and know the little “expert” level tricks is definitely where I would want to be, and that takes significant time. Besides, right now, web technology is simply not securable anymore. Unless you want a fairly static site with little integration and scalability, security is just not possible these days.