still settling in

A lack of updates should be followed by a slew of posts after the first of the year. Right now I am porting over all my old Blosxom posts over to this site, flagging them to put in my “being built” wiki, or just removing them as I figure out how to best leverage my sites. I will say that I really enjoyed the simplicity of Blosxom, especially to use as a blogging/site tool without wanting a true database backend. It was very slick, simple, lightweight, and kinda fun to work with. Unfortunately, it is not quite as robust as a true CMS/blogger. Honestly, I think the worst part about it is just being locked into something a little different and non-mainstream. Over time, who knows if there will be new features or support, and I’d hate to find myself 4 years and 2,000 posts into the future with a huge migration project to something more mainstream.

Overall, though, Blosxom is awesome, and I hope someday I can possibly find a use for it.