the internet is one big social network…

Yes, blogs are social networks, as are IM, IRC, and mailing lists. Michael over at MCWResearch tagged me. This means I’m supposed to reveal 5 things about me that few people know, and tag 5 other people to do the same thing. Well, I’m a party-pooper and typically delete chain mails so I won’t tag other people, but, I am a good sport so I’ll play along with the 5 revelations. Besides, it’s still technically “The Holidays” and I have a nice three-day weekend again. I will, however, post 5 links at the bottom that trace back the path this tagging has taken to get to me.

1. I regularly play World of Warcraft. I have a 60 warlock and 60 priest on Crushridge Alliance and a growing 30-something rogue on Terenas Horde. The warlock is my main and amassed 7/8 tier 2 and 1/9 tier 3 before I retired from high-end raiding about 5 months ago.

2. I used to get paid not only to play computer games, but to run online leagues and tournaments. I ran or helped run events for Quake 1, QuakeWorld, Unreal Tournament, some SegaNet stuff before they died, and even a live CPL event. I’ve also made money competing in events in Unreal Tournament ($2500 about 5 years ago in college). Sadly, little of this history is linkable anymore.

3. While you can see a picture of my car online, what you can’t see is my license plate (1NF0S3C or 1NFOS3C) or the black “hack the planet” sticker next to it.

4. I lost my virginity at ag…err, wait. I mean to say that I started authoring my own web site back in 1996 hosted at my alma mater Iowa State U. My college roommate and good friend taught me the ropes (i.e. he showed me how to View Source in IE and upload files to the server).

5. I don’t yet have the budget for a cat, but I do currently have some fish: 6 tetras and 3 corydoras. I plan to double the number of both after I clean up the tank a bit more and get rid of my snail problem. And I love to have bettas on my desk at work.

So, with that out of the way, I won’t pass the chain-letter on, but I will stick to the spirit by providing 5 links that led to me. MCWResearch got tagged by Michael Farnum. He got it from Ian Lamont who was sniped by Richi Jennings. And Richi was tagged by Ann Elisabeth Nordbo to start off this little 5-hit combo.

3 thoughts on “the internet is one big social network…

  1. I got a betta fish on the dining room table. His name’s Flip, and he’s pretty cool looking. He doesn’t like other fish at all though, (nor himself). heh

  2. Heh, how ’bout this for “its a small world”;

    • I drive an ’01 Eclipse.
    • CPLanParty, a LAN party that grew to almost 200 seats, was my brainchild
    • I used to give my cichlids a betta to kill for my entertainment. Yeah, I’m a cruel bastard but it was so much fun to see the bettas flare up like they were king shit only to have their tail fin bitten off and sink like a rock.

    Funny stuff.

  3. License plates: I used to own both
    (the latter when I was in Chicago, commuting through heavy traffic 😉

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