usb key espionage

One piece of marketing schwag I like to get are various small USB drives. I have a handful of Dell 64 MB keys that I use regularly, especially when with buds offsite. I wonder how hard it would be to order some USB keys printed with another company’s logo, and then give them away at a tradeshow. Oh, I should mention that they can then be loaded with some malicious apps to infect any system they are plugged into and then call home after a few weeks. Or try to delete all files on the network the vitim has access to. I wonder what kind of lashback that might send to the company whose logo is on those drives? We’ve had Sony putting rootkits on cds and some ipods delivering trojans, so when are we going to see the first high-profile case of USB exploitation? And I’m not talking a pen-test effort, but an actual criminal case.