wireless laws coming in 2007?

It amazes me how slowly wireless has been tackled, especially as everyone has completely jumped on Office products and browsers with all sorts of problems. Perhaps this year will usher in some more changes?

By way of Whitedust, I was pointed over to a pair of NetworkWorld articles. The first deals with new laws and guidelines about business-run wireless networks, both public and those intended to be private. In addition, it tackles vendors who should not default insecure or at least give users some guidance on securing those devices. These are seemingly easy and no-brainer topics, but yet implementation is such that I am astounded about the lack of attention wireless technologies receive. Heck, even insecure cell phones get more press compared to the data networks! The second talks a little bit about 802.1X (in that sort-of-technical-but-not-really-technical way the NetworkWorld writes).

More laws make me happy when it comes to securing wireless and our digital world. But more laws also make me say, “D’oh!” a few more times, since I am one of those people who likes to drive around and see what open wireless networks there are, and hopping on one when I have a need (when traveling or at a friend’s place, for instance, and just hopping on an open neighbor network).