ipod in my car and removing more links

I recently used a Christmas gift card to get a device that I’ve wanted even when they were twice the price I got it for: the Harman Kardon Drive+Play at $99 in Best Buy. This little guy allows me to plug in my ipod in the car and listen to it on my stereo system. Since my Infinity factory system does not support playing of mp3s off a data disc nor does it have any audio input options (either on the faceplate or even in the back), I can’t use the Drive+Play’s audio input, but I can quite happily use the FM tuner to get usually decent quality music. It is quite a lot better than no ipod or having to burn limited-length music cds. So now I have two dashboard gadgets, my RoadyXT XMRadio unit being the other.

What does this have to do with my blog? Well, while scrolling through my playlists on my ill-organized ipod (thanks to Linux and my collection growing well beyond the 20GB limits of my ipod) I saw a Podcast playlist but no Podcasts. While my work commute during the day is only about 10 minutes max, I still see the benefit to rekindling my habit of listening to more podcasts since I do like driving. So I’m going to see if I can get back on the wagon on a few choice podcasts and listen up more often.

As always, I’m also cleaning up some more external links from the menu and putting them here into a post so that I can reference them later if I ever need to. Someday I need to evaluate whether I want all those “resources” to remain here or be moved to the wiki.

Don Parker writes for WindowSecurity.com. While this sounds promising, the articles and writing seem more geared to a nearly complete newbie, with almost no indept analysis or contribution beyond the surface. OntheFirewall doesn’t really get updated much. I’m not sure who Sid Stamm is, so I likewise don’t know why I should keep him. And also removing Mr. Belva at bloginfosec, even though I look forward to seeing how virtual trust moves forward. It’s just beyond me right now since I am neither an analyst nor any sort of manager.