are tools making us dumber?

There are a few blogs that I read regularly that are not strictly tech/infosec type blogs. Creating Passionate Users is a bit of a cheat since Kathy Sierra has a technical background and does talk about some technical things. My reason for mentioning this is her post about whether tools are making us dumber.

We call people dumbed down by tools “script kiddies.” They are the people who utilize other people’s tools without knowing what is really going on underneath the hood. Tracert is composed of pings? Teardrops just make computers blue screen, right?

You can then push this up to the enterprise as well. I use an IPS/IDS “alert-based” system from a major vendor of securty products. Sadly, the appliance takes out all the ability to trace sessions and capture/read packets and interpret one’s own attacks. If the appliance is doing something weird, someone without that additional knowledge is really pretty lost and the appliance loses a lot of value.