securiteam: home router remote access

I see SecuriTeam has gotten a facelift recently, nice! (One of the downsides to running an RSS reader is you lose the visual connection with the site…) The post that drew me there was a post from Sid detailing his discovery that his home router was essentially backdoored.

The takeaways from this article include: change your admin password on the router; be at least a little bit knowledgable about the router; scan your home connection remotely every now and then, even if that means nmapping yourself from a local hotspot. ISPs really should not do something like this. While it at first seems like a good idea, all it takes is one curious person to get that password and suddenly that opens up the digital worlds of every other user on the ISP. I know not everyone has the aptitude to do such tests, but there is little excuse for those of us who do.