a wild, wild ride

Holy crap, there’s a ton of first year birthdays going on in my rss feeds reader from bloggers. Hell, even RSnake hasn’t been around a year! This is just crazy since I could have figured a lot of people had been around longer. It kinda puts some things in perspective, since I’ve been documenting my day to day “stuff” here or on my personal site since late 2001 when I installed my first news script (no blogs back then!) on my website which, itself, I had maintained since late 1996. It’s been a wild ride since then, and obviously I am not one to bang on the door for hits and visitors. 🙂

Grats to all those people with baby blogs that are starting to grow up and find their identity or realize that they had an identity long ago and can stand just fine as themselves!

One thought on “a wild, wild ride

  1. Thank for reminding me (indirectly)! Adminspotting turned 2 yesterday.
    I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve maintained joe.terrarum.net since 2001 with my own “blogging” system. I just called it “news”, though.

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