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It’s time again to prune some more links. I’ve been seriously contemplating moving a lot of my links on the right menu over to a page on my wiki. I’ve yet to do that so far, and I think I’ve talked myself into leaving them here. I just wish I had less links since they do get pretty long, however, I use a significant portion of them regularly; sort of my own little personal portal (hence why I would move the portal part to a wiki page). Of course, then my page might look a little bare…I guess I could fill the space with vertical Google ad bars! Hehe, no thanks.

Haxorthematrix seems to have gotten lost in the new year. Info-pull has disappeared as well with few updates. I know just barely over one month of no updates is really being picky, but I’m more picky with more personal blogs and especially those that have not been up more than a year. I’m very aware of the tendency of people to start strong on an endeavor, and then putter out after a few months.

SecurityBullshit is being removed, but only because Mark has merged it with his other blog, SecurityBuddha. I totally dig that name, and I think it interesting the sort of zen way of life that can be found in parts of the computer security industry, from techbuddha to securitybuddha to taosecurity…I wonder if zensecurity is taken? Considering I am highly sympathetic to the Buddhist (and related) way of life and philosophy, I really have this odd little affinity to such sites. Oh, and is not taken! I might have to think about grabbing something like that someday, for possible future branding. Until then, I’m really happy with Terminal23.

The O3 e-zine seems to have disappeared after 3 colorful issues through the first few quarters of last year. I really liked this zine’s focus on Open Source, but it really was just the same thing as (in)secure and uninformed (how’s that for a combo phrase?!) when you get down to it.

The list of top 10 security live cds from DarkNet is starting to look dated, especially as BackTrack2 is now out and really kinda dominates this field (minus general livecd and forensics offerings). Besides, I have moved this to my own live cd list on my wiki anyway. I don’t use VMyths, so why bother with the link, especially as I try to get this list down a bit (of course, for every one I remove, I seem to add another…). Church of the Swimming Elephant is a classic site that still has lots of useful stuff. Sadly, it continues to grow more and more dated. If you’ve not gone there, go there and browse the info and wares. Definitely harkens back to a more innocent time in hacking!

A reverse engineering site that I never really visited seems to have also disappeared. I also never visit the ProfessionalSecurityTesters site. Besides sounding a little off, the site itself just never sat well with me and I never really went back.

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