conquer the ubuntu vnc black scrollbars

If you do much work using Ubuntu and multiple computers, you may have noticed when using vncviewer to remotely connect to a system with a higher screen resolution, you’ll get these annoying black scrollbars. These bars seem to only scroll in one direction and then never scroll again, right?

Well, wrong. Turns out these bars do work, you just have to right-click to move the bars the other direction. Middle mouse button will work them in either direction. That’s just weird and I’d rather not deal with it.

There is another solution. On your client system, go to your repositories or otherwise apt-get xvnc4viewer. This will fix those dang scrollbars. As a bonus, this seems to replace any vncviewer apps you have on the Ubuntu client. If you type vncviewer, you get xvnc4viewer. If you click Applications->Internet->Terminal Server Client and attempt a VNC connection here, you also get xvnc4server. Nice!