turn firefox into spyware

Turn Firefox into spyware! I saw Xavier Ashe post about FFsniFF which is an extension for Firefox. It will not display itself in the extensions list, wait for HTML forms to be submitted, and email the contents of that submitted form to some email address. On one hand this makes me say, “What the crap…?” On the other, I could pilfer info from a lot of people who otherwise trust Firefox as their browser. While I might need admin rights to install keyloggers, I wonder if I could install this extension as a normal user? I guess this might not be a huge deal as there are browser password managers galore anyway, and they have to get those passwords somehow, but FFsniFF still seems very shady…

One thought on “turn firefox into spyware

  1. I installed it thinking I was installing a useful plugin. There isn’t any clear documentation on how to change the email address to your own for security purposes. No, it just emails details to the program creator. How do I uninstall this trojan? No uninstall info came with the program.

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