venting on vagueness and vagary

The past weeks’ worth of business days I took some vacation time, not just from work, but also from reading security blogs for the most part. I also was able to look at my own time spent here (in between rediscovering WoW pvp), and decided to shift things up a bit (or so the plan goes).

I’m really…I want to say sick or tired, but those words are too strong. I guess I’m just really bored reading security industry or business commentary (with some exceptions for those people who do excel at writing) with almost zero technical content or anything beyond feel-good vagueness (or maybe vagary), otherwise known as best practices. A lot of this is common sense and while I understand other people have things to say (I do too!), I sometimes just find myself skimming fluffy posts that really leave me with absolutely nothing new.

Sometimes it is cathartic to vent (or as most people call it, “post commentary”), and I’ll likely still do so now and then, but I really see little need for it most of the time, at least on my site. I can vent just fine in person, on IRC, on IM, or in comments. And maybe Skype someday if I get back on it.

This is just me telling myself to stay technical and actionable, for now. 🙂 I used to post a lot more information about tools and things to do, and have gotten away from that in the past year. I can see a correlation between this shift and my personal and work lives, so I think I know the problems and the measures on how to fix them.

Of course, this itself is a rant, but it is one I have the compulsion to post for my own benefit.